We always seek storytellers or those who are passionate about story, who want to inspire change and bridge cultural and religious divides through inclusive collaborations.

*If you don't see your dream position below, dream it up and send us an email with your CV/reel. 



Ready to howl with the wolves and make a difference in the world?

We are looking for a part-time intern to join our Wolf Pack in Brooklyn. The focus is to help us get our message of inclusion out by pushing our social media and marketing to the next level while also helping to brainstorm ideas for our blog To The Metaverse and Beyond and sourcing and writing articles for the blog.

You are ideally a recent graduate or current student keen to learn everything about this exciting new industry. You are a self-starter, professional, detail-oriented, resourceful with strong writing and computer skills, knowledge of the industry, and the ability to multi-task and prioritize. A keen interest in Film, TV, VR/AR/MR, installation design, and social media is a must. But most importantly you share our mission to disrupt bias, tell stories from an untold perspective, and make it personal.

Is this you? Howl at us howl@littlegiantwolf.com



We are ALWAYS looking for talent for the many fun projects we work on. We’ve needed editors, artists, projectionist, animators, VR programmers, AR programmers, welders, carpenters, marketing mavens, GFX designers, producers, directors, assistants, project managers; you name it! We probably need you!

If you do contract work in production or marketing or any creative service - please shoot us an email listing your skills, your resume attached and any relevant links to anything that can help us bring you on to a job when the opportunity presents itself!

Howl at us: howl@littlegiantwolf.com