Today is The Future!

It is hard to believe but today is the day, which Marty McFly and his eccentric scientist friend Doc Brown traveled to at the end of “Back to the Future” and that the film was released 30 years ago! Yes many, myself included, will feel very old now! But what concerns me more is WHERE ARE THE FLYING CARS????!!!

Everyone and there mother has done specials for this epic day. The Huffington Post debunked if “To be continued” was always intended to be at the end. Ch

Christopher Lloyd even brought Doc back and delivers an inspirational message to all ‘Back To The Future’ fans. You can view it below in the article I chose to repost!

The feature is my favorite because it is a wonderful guide on how to best celebrate Back to the Future Day!

I personally am considering the Back to the Future Cruise and love  ;) Enjoy!

The best ways to celebrate Back to the Future Day

by Dave Gonzales via Oct 21st, 2015

Today is the real (the actually, really real, not-an-internet-meme-trying-to-fool-you-into-thinking-it-is) day that Marty time traveled to in the 1989 movie Back to the Future Part II. Since that movie takes place the day after the first movie, and the first movie takes place the year the first film was released, that makes 2015 the classic film’s 30th anniversary. There are many reasons to celebrate, and many celebrations abound.

Worldwide re-releases

Of course, the best thing you can do on the 30th anniversary of a movie that kicked off one of the most beloved trilogies of all time is to see the actual movie and maybe the whole trilogy. In July, Universal announced they’d be putting the Back to the Future trilogy back in theaters for October 21, but details were scant as to how wide the release would be. In a possibly related matter, Universal had a banner year at the box office and would basically be getting free box office numbers with a limited theatrical release. We now know this isn’t a small, US-only affair — it’s a worldwide event with screenings in (deep breath) Latin America, Japan, New Zealand, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain Sweden, the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Australia.

If you’re the other part of North America not included in the above screening list and still want to celebrate Back to the Future Day, then good news: Canada is doing its own event screenings in theaters. The company Cinelex is setting up two separate marathons. On the actual day of the time traveling, catch Back to the Future Part I and Back to the Future Part II. Then, since October 21 is a Wednesday and some Canadians work too hard to take a Wednesday night off, the whole trilogy will play on Sunday October 25.

Extremely limited Pepsi Perfect

It’s hard to forget the Pepsi Perfect bottle from Back to the Future Part IIbecause it comes out of the diner’s tabletop as a television waiter with and exaggerated Ronald Reagan face on its screen turns away from Marty McFly. We never got a real Cafe 80s with television waiters, but you will be able to get your hands on a specially made bottle of Pepsi Perfect. PepsiCo has designed a special bottle to replicate the one in the movie, including a custom label. The bad news is that they are only planning on making 6,5000 bottles to sell online for $20.15 a pop (just be happy the year isn’t 5015, I guess).

Doc Brown Saves the World

Occasionally, Christopher Lloyd has popped up in cameos as Doc Brown. Doc’s unofficially been in ads for products and Seth MacFarlane movies alike, but hasn’t officially reprised the role on screen since taking part in Back to the Future: The Ride at Universal Studios. That is, until the Blu-ray and DVD special release of the Back to the Future trilogy on Back to the Future Day, October 21, 2015. With this collection will come the first official Doc Brown short since 1991.

Back to the Future cruise with cast and crew

In what would sound like an extremely corny idea if it weren’t for a fantastic cause, there is actually going to be a Back to the Future-themed cruise. The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research is helping throw said cruise with Back to the Future stars Donald Fullilove (Goldie Wilson), Marc McClure (Marty’s older brother Dave), Harry Waters Jr (“Your cousin, Marvin Berry”) and Jeffrey Weissman (upside-down George McFly), as well as the Director of Photography, Production Illustrator, and Special Effects Supervisor. Besides your normal cruising events between Labadee Island, Falmouth, Jamaica, and Cozumel there will be an Enchantment Under the Sea dance and other BTTF themed special events. You could even have breakfast with Goldie Wilson and ask him if he’s still Mayor.

Back to the Future: The Game, 30th anniversary edition

In honor of Back to the Future’s 30th anniversary, Telltale Games — who is soon to release Minecraft: Story Mode — and has previously released such acclaimed games as The Walking Dead (based on the TV series of the same name) and The Wolf Among Us (based on the Fables series of comics), will re-release all the episodes of their Back to the Future game. Bob Gale, who co-wrote the movies, helped produce the game with Telltale and brought back both Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox. Marty isn’t voiced by Fox, but Future Marty and William McFly (who make cameos in the final episode of the game) are legit voiced by Michael J Fox. For the 30th anniversary edition for Xbox One and PS4, the game will get updated textures on the graphics and Tom Wilson, who played Biff Tannen in the movies, will have voice work inserted into the game.

A pilgrimage to Hill Valley

Perhaps the biggest celebration of Back to the Future on Back to the Future Day (and beyond), requires a pilgrimage to Los Angeles. We’re Going Back, also created in partnership with The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, is hosting a multi-day event in LA from October 21 to October 25. It kicks off with a tour of the Universal Studios backlot where the Hill Valley town square from all three movies is located, then continues to other events and filming locations throughout the city, including a exhibits with costumes and props from all three films. Of course, there is also an Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. All that plus actual screenings of the movies with “special guests” from the LA area probably gives you your best chances at seeing stars not on the BTTF cruise.

The first movie, with a live orchestra

Besides occasional exceptions for Huey Lewis and the News, Chuck Berry, and ZZ Top, the majority of the Back to the Future trilogy’s memorable music is the score by Alan Silvestri. You know the themes that come along with the visuals: the Delorean speeding down a Hill Valley street as Doc Brown wrestles with the cable on the clock tower, the piano part that accompany Marty McFly’s discovery that he’s in 1985, and the rousing theme as the time machine zips across the landscape of the American Old West being pulled by horses. Film Concerts Live! is currently touring withBack to the Future, which means you can see the first movie with a full orchestra playing the score. The event also promises supplemental pieces selected by Alan Silvestri to accompany the event. Score! Check here for dates.

A new Back to the Future documentary

As your buzzing with excitement about Back to the Future Day, you’ll be able to download a new feature-length documentary featuring new interviews with the likes of Michael J Fox, Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg, Christopher Lloyd, and Lea Thompson. For the Back to the Future fanatic, it’s sure to be the best thing since that one behind-the-scenes featurette Kirk Cameron hosted from the Old West. The documentary is appropriately called Back In Time and covers the trilogy of movies and its cultural impact.

Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History

If you can’t make it to Los Angeles and fear going on boats because dying at sea is terrifying, the next best thing would be a comprehensive book that has pictures of the things you would see on a tour and probably the same stories from production that you’d hear on a cruise. It’s called Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History, and it’s written/created by Michael Klastorin, who was actually the production publicist on Part II and III. That means he has access to all the goods, including exclusive interviews with the cast and crew. The book has “removable items,” which are replicas of stuff from the movie like Doc’s note to Marty from 1885, and his sketch of the flux capacitor from 1955. The extra geeky thing is there is a lenticular version of the iconic McFly family photo from the first film, which is the thing that only super geeks will have.

Diamond Select’s icy Delorean

Sure, you might think you’re cool if you have the Diamond Select Back to the Future Part II DeLorean time machine that has the glowing blue trim and the wheels that make it look like it’s flying. You are pretty cool, but you’re not ice cold. That is reserved for Diamond Select’s newest 1:15 scale DeLorean that will be available this November. In honor of the 30th anniversary of the first film, this DeLorean comes “iced” like the time machine has just gone through its first jump with Einstein. The accessories include flaming tire tracks, a OUTATIME license plate you can pose like it’s spinning, and a the plutonium case that caused all the trouble with the lightning bolt by being left behind.

JAWS 19 trailer

Back to the Future Part II’s version of 2015 featured a big 3D computer-generated shark that dove at Marty McFly from a movie theater marquee that advertised Jaws 19. Some thought that Jaws 19’s prediction had come true when they compared the shark’s coloring and eye placement to Katy Perry’s Left Shark, but little did they know the best was yet to come. Universal gets in the game by lampooning franchises with multiple sequels in this official teaser for Jaws 19. You don’t even have to wait until October to see it.

If you can’t partake in any of the above, on this, Back to the Future Day, you could always just watch all three movies on your phone in the bathroom at work. See you there!