This is what Branded Entertainment should be!

Revlon just released this YouTube video, and I caught it because it played before some content I was trying to watch! I normally always click away any web commercial/video as soon as I have fulfilled the mandatory 5 seconds, but not this time!!

And you know why I didn’t click away and dedicated 4.30 minutes of my day to this, because of these very important reasons:

1) Revlon chose to focus the video message not their own products, but on a topic and subject matter we all care about - LOVE and successful relationships.

2) The first couple of seconds showed beautiful and real people in a very approachable and warm way, which made me want to get to know them more. 

3) As open and honest as the couples were in those first view moment, the moments were edited wanting me to know more - it was the perfect balance of enticement for more and promise to fulfill. I think a “real” person admitting to what is to follow being embarrassing will always get your audience to watch on! 

Why this is truly powerful is that I dedicated 4.30 minutes of my busy day to this. I normally don’t even spare 30 seconds of my time for other web commercials, but I was so enthralled that I couldn’t tear myself away. More importantly I didn’t walk away feeling that it was that long; I had to double check, I thought it was 1.30 min; or that I wasted my time in any way. No, I walked away feeling enriched for having watched the video; I had tears in my eyes at the end. But by far the most successful aspect about this is that I do not feel like I was sold anything, the only thing I am left with is that I now feel super positive about the Revlon brand and will most likely consider Revlon next time I need a type of product they offer. 

See for yourself below!

Truly genius and well done! I applaud Revlon for hitting it on the head, the formula for Branded Web Entertainment! 

1) Find a subject, not an emotionless product, to create your Branded Web Entertainment around; it needs to be something which people really care about and find a way to connect it to your brand.

2) Take real care in casting your content with the right “actors”; if we don’t care for them, you already lost the battle within the first 5 seconds. Please make it diverse and real, we have a very colorful world out there in the real world!

3) Take your time, as much as it needs to make it truly engaging; no need to worry that people won’t spare more than 30 seconds of their time, they will if the content is good enough.

4) Make people feel good about your product, but don’t make them feel like you sold them on it. Let them care about your brand and story, then they will follow and buy your product!

5) Don’t overthink it! If you care about it, then others will care about it to! You are in this case truly the best judge!

So now go out and create your own genius Branded Entertainment! Can’t wait to see it!