The Kaleidoscope VR’s Summer Showcase kicks off its world tour tonight in London! Our project The Wicked Kind is one of the many amazing projects selected for the showcase.

If you are in London stop by and check it out. Below are the dates for the other cities along the way - NYC, Berlin, LA, Seoul, and SF. 

Tickets available for purchase at

The Summer Showcase includes a diverse selection of over 20 innovative and thought provoking experiences including the World Premieres of Joost Jordens and Mike von Rotz’s otherworldlyTRANSITION, and Zohar Kfir’s experimental tour de force LE TEMPS PERDU, as well as special screenings of the hand drawn experience DRAWING ROOM by visual artist Jan Rothuizen, George Michael Bower’s musical playground PLAYTHINGS VR, a new Vive version of Google Spotlight Stories’s masterpiece PEARL, the addictive game BLARP! from Cabibbo, and much more.  Showcase events will also include presentations from top VR creators. 

“The quality of work in the Summer Showcase is remarkable and proves virtual reality is quickly evolving into a legitimate art form,” said Kaleidoscope co-founder René Pinnell. “We are thrilled to feature new projects from new creators, and to highlight the groundbreaking work of local pioneers in each city. And finally, we are thankful to our amazing Community Directors who invest their time and energy into organizing these Showcase events and fostering each city’s community of VR Creators.”

Inspired by initiatives like TEDx that empower local innovators, Kaleidoscope’s quarterly event series is run entirely by a network of local community leaders. After interviewing nearly a hundred applicants, Kaleidoscope selected Community Directors for San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Portland, Montréal, London, Berlin, Leipzig, Paris, Amsterdam, and Seoul, with more cities launching each quarter. This talented and dedicated group of innovators organize events, discover and promote local VR Creators, and grow the community of artists and engineers who use virtual reality to tell stories, express ideas, and explore the human experience.