Believe it or not, it was already six years ago when the first 360-degree video launched commercially. In 2010, Doritos partnered with the UK rapper Professor Green to bring us ‘Coming To Get Me’ for their very innovative campaign for Doritos Late Night. 

“The craziest video you’ll watch today. Unless you’re watching some pretty weird stuff” -, 2010. 

No one would call a 360-degree video “the craziest video you’ll watch today” any longer, but it is still surprising that it took almost six years for 360 videos to catch on. Especially since the campaign was very successful, as is explained in AMV BBDO’s summary video below. 

Sadly I could not find a VR viewer ready version on any of the regular platforms, so I am posting the flattened youtube version. But if you want to get the full experience, you can download a file that is Oculus Rift ready, supplied by an anonymous contributor on the Download here