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Eye Candy: Hollywood in Stunning Kodachrome Photo Series

What it must have been like to go from seeing film in black and white to experiencing it in the most stunning vibrant colors when Kodachrome was introduced in 1930-40s!

I have always loved how Anne Rice picked up on this experience in Interview with a Vampire, in regards to a vampire, who cannot experience sunrise :

“…a mechanical wonder allowed me to see the sun rise for the first time in two hundred years. And what sunrises, seen as the human eye could never see them: silver at first, then, as the years progressed, in tones of purple, red, and my long lost blue.” - Louis in Interview with a Vampire, 1994

Kodachrome changed our viewing experience, and that of vampires, forever. 

And now David Wills has collected some of the most beautiful, rare stills of our beloved movie stars from 1940s in the new book, Hollywood in Kodachrome. I think it is absolutely stunning!

Variety Studio’s Actors on Actors

Variety Studio’s Actors on Actors has published a couple of little video/written interviews of actors interviewing each other. They are cute, but not very extensive since they are very short. What I love most about this project is the great portrait photo series, which accompanies the interview series! I’ve posted some below, but there are more on their website.