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Take a Master Class with Tootsie, The Graduate, and Rain Man!

I was catching up on my podcast the other day and came across Elvis Mitchell’s interview with Dustin Hoffman about the online class the actor now offers. Interesting concept. I think if I was an actor I would take the class. Dustin is one of our finest actors and has played some of the most memorable characters of our time, like Tootsie, The Graduate, or Rain Man. The interview showed that he has so much knowledge to share. 

But check out the website for yourself to see if it is something for you! But $90 seems like nothing to get some of this master’s wisdom:

Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe winner Dustin Hoffman has studied with some of the greatest acting teachers of our time, including Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg and Sanford Meisner. Now, he’s the one doing the teaching. Hoffman has teamed up with the San Francisco-based startup MasterClass to offer an acting workshop online. For $90, you can study with the two-time Oscar winner, who will teach how to create memorable characters, hone the craft and get the part.

Here is the link to The Treatment’s podcast: