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CAMPAIGN UPDATE Fool VR: California State of Mind

Dear Backers and Future Backers,

We’ve got so much to tell you! We’re gonna cut right to the chase.

1) You’re lovely. No, really, you are. You don’t hear it enough, but it’s true. You absolutely rule.

2) FoolVR hit the road! If you’re following us onTwitterInstagram or Facebook you’ve seen all the fun we’ve had. Aloud rocked the following cities to pieces:Los Angeles. San Francisco. San Leandro. Malibu.In pieces now. Not sorry! We brought the sweet harmonies, dope beats and a whole lot of virtual reality talk, evangelizing all over the left coast on the topic of all things real and all things virtual. Many a new believer was made. In the future, that is. An immersive future where the viewer (you!) can interact and connect with music in unprecedented ways. 

3) You know what else you can do in unprecedented ways, starting now? Contribute to our campaign! Tell your friends (and yourselves): we’ve added some amaaaaazing new perks (if we do say so).  Here’s what we just added:

Get your very own VR video! Our producer will make a short (and happy) message for you or a loved one, using 360 video. 

Have a 1:1 chat with our director Skye Von! Ask her for advice on your new creative project. Send it to her in advance and then you guys can talk about it for an hour.

LIMITED: Get put on the guest list for the 6/4 Aloud show in Boston AND get all the perks of Fool for VR all for $35. That’s the digital downloads and a cardboard VR viewer. Only four available! 

4) The buzz has been strong for our campaign – so much that we’ve decided to extend our campaign, to take advantage of supporters who’ve pledged to come onboard a couple weeks from now.

Look for more exciting behind the scenes photos and articles planned for the next couple of weeks.

With gratitude,
Tanya, Charles, Jen, Henry and Skye