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The Indiegogo campaign for Falling Out Of Love: The VR Experience has launched!

The Indiegogo campaign for Falling Out Of Love: The VR Experience has launched!

To encourage everyone to be campaign “early adopters” we’ll randomly select one backer from everyone who contributed to/shared our campaign by midnight PST tonight, and give them a Samsung Gear VR!

The team will Live Stream the selection of the winner tomorrow Wednesday April 19 2016 so be sure you’re following our Twitter account (@Fool_VR).

You more about our campaign and the VR experience here at

Tonight we will be at the Bowery Electric to celebrate the launch! If you are in New York, come out and have a drink with us! Free with RSVP on Eventbrite. Live music from Aloud, Weekender, Emiliano Melis, and a DJ set by Cold Blood Club’s Tom Stuart. Our collaborators at THE HIVE, NYIT, and REVRIE will be on site doing some VR demos and showing off some of the “magic tricks” we will be using. This is going to be a *lot* of fun and is just the beginning of what we’ve got planned.

If you are not in NYC, come join us for more events to follow across the country including a closing party and tour dates on the West Coast. 

Thank you for all your support ahead of time! Can’t wait to take you to the Metaverse!

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I was selected as the new INDIEGOGO FELLOW at The NY Media Center

I had some really good news last week, I was selected as the Indiegogo Fellow at the MINY Media Center by IFP for our VR project “Falling Out Of Love” for the fantastic band Aloud. I started working at the center on Monday, but it was only today they made the official announcement. So now I can share it with the world!

I’m so excited to be given the opportunity to be around like-minded creatives on a daily basis, so I can learn, share and collaborate. And I can’t wait to utilize the mentorship offerings and other great resources. It is also very cool to have a workspace outside of my home ;) Thank you Indiegogo and NY Media Center!

I posted yesterday about the launch event for our Indiegogo campaign on April 19th. I hope you can all make it and I will see you there!

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