Some Podcast that I love and are a must-listen if you work in the industry

Well, of course a must-listen is relative, but I do think these podcast are super helpful and informative for anyone in the film industry.

1. The Treatment:

My favorite is Elvis Mitchell’s The Treatment on KCRW. I don’t think there is a better interviewer living today. I am not only amazed by Elvis’s immense knowledge, but what I think makes him so special, is that he has a sensitivity of understanding the bigger picture of a filmmakers/writer/producer/etc internal inspiration, motivation and intention. Actually most of the times, he suprises the interviewees when he points out something seemingly obvious about their life work, which they themselves hadn’t even been aware of. I love those moments, because they make an interview so rich!

Psst, don’t tell anyone, but I would count it as one of the biggest accomplishments, if Elvis was to invite me on his show- right up there with winning an Oscar!

2. The Business:

Another great podcast is Kim Masters’s The Business. Kim is Editor-at-Large of the Hollywood Reporter and she covers film, as well as TV. This is a great one to stay up to date with what is the buzz in the Hollywood Entertainment world on a weekly basis and great interviews with filmmakers and other shakers in the industry.

3. The Spin-Off:

Kim Masters created The Spin-Off with Joe Adalian, and Michael Schneider, her banter buddies on The Business, after the three realized that the world of TV business deserves a podcast all on it’s own. Similarly to The Business, this podcast keep you up to date on what is happening in the business this week, specific to TV and of course also has great interviews with creators in the TV business.

4. The Frame

Another one that I just discovered recently is The Frame on KPCC hosted by John Horn. I am still listening myself into it, but like what I have heard so far. It is very similar to The Business, however, it also covers art and is a little broader.

I am only listing my favorite industry podcast here, but I would highly recommend to every one of you storytellers out there to start listening to story podcasts like The MothThis American Life or Strangers. These story podcast are not only a wonderful place for inspiration, but great way to learn about people in all different places in the world, class, gender, orientation, what might you. And this will help you when you are working on characters. It has helped me. And there are so many more.

Wishing you all happy listening!