She puts the QUALITY in INEQUALITY. The reality of gender in FILM today.

I attended the AFI DIRECTING WORKSHOP FOR WOMEN’s Open House last week. This wonderful program educates and mentors participants in an effort to increase the number of women working professionally in screen directing since 1974.

The first thing that flashed across the screen in the beginning presentation was the sad statistic that in 1998 9% of the movies made were directed by female director, which was followed by that in 2012 9% of movies were directed by female directors. No change in the last 14 years! Everyone sadly chuckled and then shook their heads. 

I know the same thoughts were going through everyone’s head.

How is this possible? What happened to women’s suffrage? We can do it? “The Feminine Mystique”? Aren’t women supposed to have already won the battle for equal opportunity, employment and pay? 

Well, clearly not in Hollywood. And it is not just female directors who are effected by the gender inequality. It pertains to actress, writers, producers and all other roles in the industry. 

Women are some of the most high producing, forward thinking and effective people in the film industry and I think the time is ripe for Hollywood to recognize and value it. We have our work carved out for ourselves and we are ready to show up!

And just like that I could sense from the energy in the room that the thoughts that followed were. 

So what?! We will keep going and we will change the game. Just you wait and see!

Read on, and see for yourself. Then lets take some action to take that “in”, out of inequality. 


Skye Von