Review: The Interview

As I mentioned in my blog post from Thursday, I was drawn in to watch The Interview on Christmas Day, since it was the zeitgeisty thing to do and I am not scared to admit that I follow trends. But I so wish I hadn’t!! 

Three simple words: The Interview shucks!!!

Straight up bad jokes, reminiscent of Dumb and Dumber, but delivered so poorly that you feel more like pulling out your hair then laughing. And then what was up with James Franco’s performance?! His overacting made this film even more painful! I normally am a huge fan of JF, so it was even more disappointing.

I have to admit I did watch the film all the way to the end, but am not quite sure why and wish I had done something better with my time, like go outside or read book. So I guess if you want to be part of the conversation and insist on watching the film, then do yourself a favor and just watch the first 10 minutes.