PreVis Session for "Falling Out Of Love" & "Empty House"

The last thing I got to do before the holidays was to head out to Long Island once more and work with Matthew Cornelius and the New York Institute of Technology at the Motion Capture Facility in for the actual PreVis for “Falling Out Of Love” & “Empty House” for the band Aloud.

This was my first time officially working with Motion Capture and I loved it. It is amazing the opportunity it creates. Our projects are going to be shot in 360 for VR with some 3rd Person Point of View and some 1st. During the session we were able to capture the overall motion range, which we can now in post explore as to where to place the camera in the real shoot. But we were also able to capture 1st POV right away, as you will see below. All of this will not only answer some obvious questions we still have, because of how complex our shoot will be, but because of us being able to answer these question we will be able to safe money, because we will know exactly how to set-up without any trial and errors.

I hope that for all my project, especially difficult scenes, I will get the chance to create a PreVis in MoCap even if it is for a traditional 2D shoot. 

Below is a video of the Making-Of. This is not the actual PreVis, it is only of the captured footage during our session, and some fun outtakes (there has to always be a little twerking). We will now take the footage we got and bring it into Maya in the New Year and create the actual PreVis.

And I also captured the standard R.O.M. Dance for Subject Calibration in MoCap. Interesting stuff for all you nerds out there ;)


Here is an interesting article on MoCap: