PRESS RELEASE: Filament Features and Director Skye Von Team Up For Upcoming Feature

I already posted about this on my Facebook wall, while I was still at Cannes, but wanted to repost the whole article here on my blog and extend the buzz a little longer. This is very exciting news for myself, since this will be my first feature that I will direct. The screenplay was written by the talented Julia Hoff, Filament Features is producing. 

Filament Features and Director Skye Von Team Up For Upcoming Feature

May 21, 2015  - Filament FeaturesFilmIndieSkye Von

You may remember our interview with Filament Features a few years back in Lemonade Magazine and we’re happy to have caught up again with them recently to get some scoop on what has been happening with them lately and what they have planned for the future.

Set to start filming in the Fall of this year, Filament Features and Director Skye Von (I Am Not Ryan GoslingUs, The Tower) are teaming up for the feature length film Hi Grandma, Hi Grandpa. The film will center around a 26 year old girl (Anna Parker) who’s forced to move in with her grandparents after her Grandpa gets into a car accident only to find that not only their health, but also their marriage is in trouble. After coming to this realization, Parker makes it her mission to fix them.

“A quarter-life crisis meets a three-quarter-life crisis in this film about family, relationship, love, and heartache.” says Director, Skye Von, “The interest and beauty lie in this films unabashed look at three different generations. It is as much about a lost young woman, as it is about a couple, late 60’s, in marital crises. In this regard Hi Grandma, Hi Grandpa spans the generational demographics and is of interest for both young and old. Not too often do we find films that allow for these two worlds to meet and be discussed in such a fresh and inviting way.”

Von also says that she would like to use a care for detail and placement reminiscent of Wes Anderson accompanied by a slightly moody tone a’la 500 Days of Summer and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. 

“Above all the message of Hi Grandma, Hi Grandpa is what should stand out. We, along with Anna, are allowed to be reminded that relationships and family are not perfect, but their value is immeasurable.”

As mentioned above, Hi Grandma, Hi Grandpa is set to start filming later this year. Stay tuned for more on other projects from Filament Features! We’re definitely looking forward to all of it.


brandonenyeart - Editor in Chief of Lemonade Magazine