Oscars Oscars - glad this year it was a platform for important topics!

I still love the Oscars, even if they are too white and too male, and I am glad to see that the Academy not only can laugh at itself, but also allows the stage to be a platform for passionate speeches, which advocate the much needed change, not only in the Academy circles and voting, but in all of America. 

Patricia’s speech was a powerful call for equality for women’s wages and rights, Graham Moore advocated for suicide awareness, and Common and John Legend used their speech to shine the light on America’s prison system problem!

Neil Patrick Harris did a fantastic job with help from Jack and Kendra, when he not only mad fun at the Oscars for being too white, but also just paid a beautiful tribute to the movie industry. 

And I have to say that I agree with so many of the wins of this years films in selection. I’m especially happy that Whiplash won for Best Film Editing and Sound Editing, because it really was by far the best I have seen. And of course J.K. Simmons. What a deserved win!