ONE FOR THE LADIES: The Men's World might after all be changing!

I just caught up on some reading today and I really enjoyed this wonderful article about the ladies, who make things happen in Tinseltown. Things are changing in favor of women in film! More interesting female roles, and a woman directing a comic book franchise. Let’s keep it going!

In Hollywood, It’s a Men’s, Men’s, Men’s World!

In late November when Warner Bros. hired Michelle MacLaren for its Wonder Woman movie, it became the first studio to tap a female director for a major superhero project. The news brought me back to the 1970s, when my sisters, mom and I would convene in front of the television to watch Wonder Woman fighting for our rights in her satin tights, as the goofy theme song put it. I don’t remember much about the show, but I do know that the vision of this strong woman triumphing with flowing hair and bulletproof bracelets delighted us. I’m looking forward to the movie, though as someone who watches films for a living, I would be happier if Warner Bros. hired a lot more women to direct its other titles…” Read the rest of the article here!

Skye Von