Not so newsy anymore: The Cyber Attack on Sony

I am sure that most of you have been closely following or have at least some inkling about the cyber attack on Sony, which happened on Nov 24th. I mean Hollywood and beyond have been up in arms, and rightly so, when some speculate an international security breech - North Korea denies any involvement - and the kind of information, which has been released from personal bank information to embarrassing email exchanges about Angelina Jolie to President Obama.

At first, I did not want to add to the cyber frenzy over the cyber attack, because the buzz seemed somewhat gleeful, if I may say so. And to me this never was something to be gleeful about. No matter how much some would like to see one of  "the big brothers" of our industry, which many think keep “the small man” down, take a hit, what happened here is not cool; personal people’s information has been compromised and movies, which people worked on for many years and poured a lot of sweat and blood into, were pirated even before they had a chance to hit the movie theaters. Because let’s not forget, even studio films, take an immense team of dedicated “real” people to be created. 

But now I do feel compelled to comment, because something that has been churning over in my brain for the last two weeks, won’t let me go. And that is the fact that the first conclusion both the media and the public jumped to as the most possible scenario was, that North Korea was behind the attack because of the soon to be released film The Interview. Which leaves me tobelieve, that apparently the world over people believe that a film can have so much power to threaten a political dictatorship. To me this is fabulous, because it affirms my believe in the power of film and that film can really generate change. I now sincerely hope that The Interview can have the kind of impact on the North Korean people, which would warrant a country to go to such extremes as this cyber attack to protect itself.

I do want to also point out, that this leak has inspired further discussions of some important issues we still face in Hollywood of the disparity in pay among men and women, and the lack of racial diversity in the executive suite. Positive as this might be, I again want to be very clear that I do not applaud any kind of leak of information. This is a clear invasion of privacy, which we all have a right to; private citizen or movie studio; and this is something we need to all respect.