Miles Ahead of everything

Do you know that feeling when you walk out of a movie, and you are so moved that you are lost for words to explain how it makes you feel? When you don’t even want to talk about the film because it wouldn’t do it justice. When you don’t want to turn on the radio on the drive home or the TV when you get home because you just want to hold on for as long as you can to what you just saw and experienced. That’s what Miles Ahead will do to you. It is what it just did to me.

Miles Ahead is everything a movie is supposed to be, but so rarely is. The screenwriting and direction are beyond superb as the story seamlessly weaved between fiction and reality, between the inner demons and memories of such a prolific man, taking us on a journey that never lets us go.

Miles Ahead is less of a biopic and more an artistic exploration of the inner workings and struggles of a man, who’s music we all loved so much, at a time of his life when he hit rock bottom and seemed lost to all. In the 1970s Mile, Davis had locked himself away and not played to the public in 5 years. No one knew why or if he was to ever reemerge; there were even rumors that he had passed away.

Cheadle explores the dark night of the soul of the artist in such an authentic way that even though we feel like we get to explore the darkest corners of his tortured soul, it never feels like we are prying or any of this is sensationalized. Much of this I attribute to the fact that Cheadle and his writing partner, Steven Baigelman, decided to create a fictitious story out of the desire of a man trying to claim back his voice, his music, his life after he had hit rock bottom, instead of simply retelling of the events as so many biopics do. 

I bow my head in respect to Don Cheadle and his genius as an actor, as a writer, as a director; or as he would rather call it, a band leader. He did Miles Davis the man much more than justice. Bravo!! #‎milesahead #DonCheadle #SocialMusic