If you haven't check out VSCOcam yet, go an do it now!

VSCOcam used to only be an photoediting app for your smart phone, but in recent months they have turned it into an amazing social media platform. If you are a director or a DP this is a much nicer app to showcase your visual style than Instagram. 

VSCOcam has a grid like Instagram for you to upload and share your images to the network and users. But what I love about it is that it has a much more beautiful layout and does not restrict you to a square format. It furthermore has a journal section, where you can group together your images and even write a blog post in a journal/article form. I love that feature.

I have created two journals so far, one is from my recent trip to Iceland and the other is my visual love affair with NYC:

Where fairies and goblins go to sleep - WINTERY ICELAND


You can follow me here: http://skyevon.vsco.co/