I got behind the camera for my shoot with Yogagirl

Saturday I had the opportunity to DP again, which was nice since it has been a while and I do really enjoying shooting myself as well. I don’t do it enough because most projects I work on lately have involved me directing and then I prefer to have a DP since it becomes too much to do both. It’s really important for me to be able to focus and give my all in what I do. Also I have been very fortunate to work with some really great DPs who help bring another perceptive and expand my horizon. I really enjoy the collaboration!

But this Saturday I did both as the shoot was contained enough to warrant it. Also I had a second camera man on the shoot! 

The shoot was for Andrea Brook and her company Yogagirl. The video will be 25 minute long videos, which are tailored around the different Chakras and will be available online soon on http://www.yogagirl.com. You will be able to design your own yoga practice right in your home! 

Skye Von