Hey gang!

It’s been busy as all get-out behind the scenes, but we wanted to fire off a quick thank you to everyone who supported the Falling Out of Love virtual reality experience. We’re getting things organized here (boy, do we love spreadsheets) and will be in touch in the next couple of days to get info and get started with sending these perks your way. Keep your eyes peeled.

We may not have met the $40,000 goal, but fear not! Thanks to you, we were still able to raise a fair amount of money. With the Indiegogo campaign behind us, we’re redoubling our efforts and working tirelessly to bring you an amazing virtual reality music experience. We’ll be posting updates here as the work progresses. (Be sure to follow us onTwitterFacebookInstagram, and www.foolvr.net, too!)

In the meantime, here’s a thank-you message from Aloud and me!


Skye (& Henry, Jen, Charles, and Tanya)