Check out FILMSHOP if you are a NYC Filmmaker

Just met Albert Beniada (he is also a member of the NY Media Center) one of the founders of FILMSHOP a film collective here in NYC, which is committed to developing new work through peer support and collaboration. It’s very cool! They also offer workshops and labs. They have chapters in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I am planning to become a member. They have two enrollment periods, one for spring and one for fall. The fall one is currently open for enrollment. 

Here is what they say about themselves:

Making a film is a herculean endeavor. There are many creative challenges—honing your vision, finding resources, bringing out the best in your team, staying the course. Filmshop is a place that makes the process much less lonely. When you go through the same challenges with a community of people who share your struggle, it makes the impossible seem possible. When you can ask a community of emerging cinematographers, editors, writers, and directors to pitch in to your project, somehow financial, creative, and emotional challenges dissolve.

We make films happen.

Founded in 2009, Filmshop is a nonprofit collective of independent filmmakers committed to developing new work through peer support and collaboration. Chapters in Brooklyn and Manhattan meet weekly to workshop projects, offer constructive critique, and incubate new ideas.

July 9th they have a showcase. I’ll be there!

One theme, one night, a multitude of perspectives. Filmshop members come together for this annual event to make films inspired by a unifying idea. This year’s theme … Shhhhh!— to which our members have responded in interesting and diverse ways.

In keeping with the theme, the night’s festivities will include a block of silent films live scored by local band Elxclub. There will also be a silent auction with donated prizes for the filmmaker and the film lover alike.