Greetings, friends!

Amidst our fundraising, work also continues behind the scenes on getting “Falling Out of Love” off the ground.

We had the chance to test the Nokia OZO camera at Nokia last week, and we immediately were mesmerized by its playback solutions!

Being able to check on real time what we are going to shoot and being able to see in real time what is being shot is priceless and would definitely help save time and money while letting us focus on the creative aspects as opposed to the “technical, technical.”

We’re also pleased to find out the distance between camera and subject before distortion is only about two feet!

We shall report back when we have our test footage, but we were able to successfully experiment with placing the camera as one of our characters points of view!

We’d like to thank Nokia for giving us the opportunity to test some of their new tech out.

Below are photos from the test session. Thanks again for all your support of this project so far. We still in need to raise a fair amount to make this a reality, so please, if you haven’t yet, contribute to our campaign and if you have help us spread the word to friends and family!

The Fool VR team :)