BTS @ work: VFX storyboards

I’m sure you, as a filmmaker, have run into the issue to explain to others in words what you see visually. I do all the time, especially when I talk to my VFX artists. Sometimes words are just not enough.

That is when I actually pick up a pen and get over my believe that I am a terrible drawer and the fear of being judged. Well, I actually am not very good at drawing, but I’m good enough to get my ideas across. You seriously do not need to be a genius artist to create storyboards.

See below my attempts to explain how I see the VFX sequences to be accomplished for two new music video that I am working on for the band Aloud. Please don’t judge my drawing skills too harshly ;)

Would be interesting to hear what you see happening in my drawings without knowing the context. If you can decipher it then I will know, I have actually accomplished to successfully create storyboards :)