I now understand Daniel Craig’s rant in an interview with the UK’s Time Out about how he rather would slash his wrist than do another Bond. 

Bond’s last film Skyfall was excellent and should have been our farewell to the franchise, because Bond is beyond help, not even an overhaul can safe him. But what did we expect from a fictional character created in the 50s, who never ages or is allowed to grow up, while the world around him changes. Bond is the grandfather with old colonial standards and gender bias we all like to forget is part of the family; he has lost his sex appeal.

But what I do find interesting is that Bond is the perfect analogy for the political elite in this country and how they too should retire, so we can bring in new blood and new ideas. 

Just like Bond, they too are stuffy and cannot keep up with the times. Look at the Trumps, Bushes, Hillaries, and Bernies; ancient fossils in a world to erratic for them to understand, let alone lead. Just like Bond they need to go! We need young politicians in both Congress, the Cabinet and for president under the age of 40, who can solve the problems we are faced with internally and world-wide, because they are educated, worldly and traveled with a business mind, which is not anti-economy or anti-progress, but at the same time see the bigger picture and care.

The younger generation cares further than their next door neighbor or their own borders. Of course this pertains predominantly still to those who have traveled and who are have higher education. But it keeps getting better because of the Internet. So even the ones, who cannot travel out of the country, have a broader, more inclusive outlook, because they are web-worldly. The best thing the Internet has ever done is destroy having to be defined and held back by physical borders.

I understand that experience if invaluable, and experience come with age. But not when we are experiencing such a large generation and cultural shift, then the correct understanding of the current landscape and new reality is more important. And there is no way we can any longer ignore that this shift is real. The Bond film showed us just that, otherwise we could still excuse this kind of film.

Just as I would like to say goodbye to all the current political candidates in the presidential race, I would like to say: 

Good bye Bond! It’s been a pleasure, but do us all a favor and go sip a cocktail on a beach in the Caribbean where no one will mind if you don’t grow up. You have earned it! 

As Craig said, “I’m over it at the moment. We’re done. All I want to do is move on.” 

But maybe there is some hope for the Bond franchise. It seems quite possible that Bond had a daughter with a fresh, young outlook, he did not know about… 

PS: The audio and visual design was as monotone and mundane as the story.