Best Movie Sets

I just came across Emily Henderson post dedicated to production designers and their fabulous work. In it she mentions some of my favorite production designs. But of course this is just a small list and we could take hours and days to mention all the amazing film sets, which deserve a mention.


The Royal Tenenbaums; Production Design by David Wasco

I would like to add that I feel this way about all Wes Anderson films, and I believe that The Grand Budapest is the best production design yet.

The Grand Budapest; Production Design by Adam Stockhausen

500 Days of Summer; Production design by Laura Fox, set decoration by Jennifer Lukehart

Argo;  Production design Sharon Seymour, Set Decoration Jan Pascale

American Psycho; Production Design by Gideon Ponte, Set Decoration by Jeanne Develle

Amelie; Production design by Aline Bonetto, Set decoration by Marie-Laure Valla,  Art Directed by Volker Shaffer

Atonement; Production design by Sarah Greenwood, Set Decoration by Katie Spencer

Down with Love; Production Design by Andrew Laws, Set Decoration by Don Diers

James Bond; Production Design by Peter Lamont

Marie Antoinette; Production Design by KK Barrett, Set Decoration by Veronique Melery

Clockwork Orange; Production Design by John Barry

A Single Man; Production Design by Dan Bishop

It’s Complicated; Production Design by John Hutman, Set Decoration by Beth Rubino

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