We say goodbye to NEW INC and our amazing year in the incubator program by being part of the NEW INC group show NEW INC: DIGITAL HUMANISM presented by Wallplay and curated by Asher Remy-Toledo of Hyphen Hub.

This broad showcase aims to open a window into the talented minds that make up NEW INC’s vibrant and multifaceted community. NEW INC is dedicated to fostering “new art and new ideas”. Therefore, each included work engages with innovative technologies, bringing attention to both present and future realities just beyond the horizon.

Like our own Pass-Through AR Game Experience EMBRACE.VR, which utilizes emerging wearable technology to encourage participants to remember and amplify connectedness in the real world. We take you to a hyper-real future where our lack of genuine connection threatens the existence of humanity and where only connecting with and hugging its inhabitants—hyper-real human avatars—can save this world.

Catch EMBRACE.VR and the other fantastic works starting today through August 25th at 323 ON CANAL by Wallplay in NYC. Find the full schedule HERE.

Skye Von