Elizabeth Banks Investing in Female Comedians

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When you look up Elizabeth Banks on Twitter, her bio reads “Amateur Goofball; proud native, Pittsfield, MA; ‘Hunger Games’ this, ‘Pitch Perfect’ that, with a sprinkle of ‘Lego’.” True to her short and sweet biography, Elizabeth Mitchell (her real name) was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts on February 10, 1974, and grew up with an Irish Catholic upbringing. She started acting when she was young before graduating magna cum laude in 1996 from University of Pennsylvania with a degree in communications and a minor in theater arts. Shortly after in 1998, she received her Master’s from the American Conservatory Theater. She is the ninth-highest-grossing actress of all time. 

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While her acting ability seems to define the majority of Banks’ career, there is one job of hers that is often ignored by her fans. She is one of the co-founders of WhoHaha, a feminist website and company that uses it’s platform to uplift and promote women comedians. The website, which has almost 74 thousand instagram followers, uploads submitted comedy sketches and series to their large audience. Essentially, as Banks herself says, “a Funny or Die but for women.” Banks’ own YouTube series are on there, titled Really Important Questions and Ask a Badass. If you are a woman, writing, producing, or acting in comedy, and want to amplify your work, the submission process is simple. WhoHaHa also offers merchandise with phrases like “Funny AF” and “badass” that are only in women sizes.

“Clean Freaks: A Dirty Bird’s Eye View into the Wacky World of Two Best Friends.”

“Clean Freaks: A Dirty Bird’s Eye View into the Wacky World of Two Best Friends.”

The current series featured at the top of the website page when one clicks series is “Clean Freaks: A Dirty Bird’s Eye View into the Wacky World of Two Best Friends.” Created by Noelle Stehman & Betsy Van Stone, the five episode series (about three minutes or so each) follows two women who have their own cleaning business and find themselves in some hilarious situations. To access and support this hilarious series and others like it, please visit WhoHaha.com or go check them out on Instagram or Twitter. These days we are definitely seeing a shift in the cultural narrative, and WhoHaHa is part of that through their support of women in comedy. This message has been endorsed by little GIANT Wolf.

Andra Moldav