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Besides sharing a name with this blog, Howl For Change is an XR movement that comes as a response to the current narrative created by media and cultural bias to celebrate what makes us different, uniting us as equals and creating a tidal wave of positive change. It combines communication and visual mediums and crosses several platforms, so we’ll try to break it down here for clarity.

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You’re probably wondering: what is XR?

XR (or Cross Reality as it is otherwise sometimes referred to) is a form of mixed reality environment that combines Virtual, Augmented, and Cinematic Reality (VR, AR, and CR, respectively). Remember Pokemon GO on your phone? That was basically Augmented Reality. If you were to play it on the Oculus Rift, it would be Virtual Reality. Pocket Monsters the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back, released in 1998, is Cinematic Reality.

Cool, what does Howl For Change have to do with it?

Working inside the definition of XR mentioned above, Howl For Change combines AR, VR, and other new media technology like a 360 Web platform (viewable on a browser or headset), and other evolving components like gaming or an interactive Kinect installation. Howl For Change sees these as tools to show the world how we are shaping our own narrative. It is a movement aiming to disrupt how we as a society communicate with each other. First, how you share and carry your message: that’s the interactive AR app (just launched earlier in September). Second, how others experience that message. That’s where the 360 web platform comes in, as well as the live events, where members of the community, guests, and guests of guests, can experience a VR room-scale display, meet each other and share stories the old fashioned way - IRL. Another communication component we have is a discussion series where we host leaders in the transmedia field. These talks will be recorded and made available as a podcast.

So, will you have interactive installations at every event?

The interactive installations are site specific. For example, back in August we took over an industrial silo at the Elements Music and Arts Festival in New York City with an interactive art installation, where festival-ers were invited to dance with, and as, wolves. Watch the video below for a better idea of what we mean. Because if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth… like a billion?

Can you tell me about the App?

Sure. Like we mentioned, it was just launched in September as a vehicle for telling your story and sharing it with a community. Do you want to surprise the world with your own personal narrative? Do people often assume you are one way just by looking at you and then shocked when you can do something they didn’t expect? The Howl For Change AR App is here to help disrupt this habit we have of assuming someone’s story before we even meet them by giving you a nifty little wolf mask and voice augmentation. We are all different, and so are our stories, but Howl For Change unites us in those differences, like a pack of wolves. Download the App here for Android or IOS and get sharing!


What’s next for Howl For Change?

Long term, disrupting the status quo narrative by providing people a platform to tell their own stories their own way. Taking over the world. Unifying humanity to celebrate our differences. That kind of stuff. But short term, we’re gearing up for an awesome event! We’re partnering with Movers & Shakers and the Holocenter to produce a Hologram Protest, the goal of which will be to use augmented reality as a tool for sustainable action across 4 issues: Police Brutality, Mass Incarceration, Unsympathetic Immigration Policy, and the Hurricane Maria Relief Effort. We will showcase holograms, AR statues and a VR experience of a re-imagined Columbus Circle. You KNOW that sounds cool, so please register here and come say hello!

We are looking for individuals who identify as Black or Latin X, who would feel comfortable being a hologram either in chains, or  wearing a prison suit, or as families who have been directly impacted by Hurricane Maria. For those who are interested also in recording a 1-2 minute monologue, please contact us to receive the script ahead of  time.

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Darn! I think I have to protest the Kavanaugh nomination that night?

No worries! We get it, you live a full life with lots of responsibilities. But did you know we’re collecting videos for the event? You don’t even have to be there to participate. You can create a 1-min video with our AR app that shares your story in our dedicated Howl For Change Video Booth. These videos will be included in the launch of our new XR Platform which will be a room-scale video experience.

I did not know that.

Now you do. So download the app and get sharing!


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Andra Moldav