1 more day left to apply for BRIC MEDIA ARTS FELLOWSHIP


Each year, BRIC’s Contemporary Art and Media Education programs sponsor the BRIC Media Arts Fellowship. The Fellowship makes BRIC’s Media Education courses and facilities available at no charge to professional Brooklyn-affiliated visual artists. We provide classes and technical assistance in video and digital production and in post-production technologies. Our classes include both BRIC Media Arts Fellows as well as members of the general public interested in television production, creating a unique mix of interests in the classroom.

Twelve fellowships are awarded annually. Fellows may enroll in any course offered by BRIC’s Media Education program for no fee. Fellows have access to cameras and other equipment, studios, and editing suites during their residency. Throughout the year, meet-ups are organized as well as opportunities to review work in progress and receive critical feedback from BRIC staff.

Watch a video chronicling the experience of our 2015 Media Arts Fellows:

Timeline for 2017 Media Arts Fellowship:

Oct 1 - Nov 17: Applications Accepted for the 2017 Media Arts Fellowship*

Nov 18: DEADLINE to submit applications

Dec 5: Notification to Successful Applicants

Jan 25, 2017: Fellowship Orientation


We seek artists who have a strong desire to explore multimedia as a distinct medium or as part of an interdisciplinary approach to art-making. This fellowship is meant to provide the technical skills to enact your creative vision.

  • Panelists will be looking for an accomplished body of work (in any visual media), a clear statement of purpose for the program, whether or not the artist will benefit from the classes and resources available during the fellowship
  • Most importantly artists will be judged on whether or not their plan for the fellowship is a true exploration of new media. A true exploration means either:
    • The artist has little to no experience in new media but shows artistic ability in other mediums.
    • The artist has experience in new media but demonstrates that he/she will be testing out new approaches/techniques in their proposed plan for the fellowship
  • The Fellowship is only open to visual artists who live and/or work in Brooklyn.
  • The purpose of this program is to support artistic production therefore we will not review applications for marketing, commercial, or purely journalistic projects.
  • Students currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs and artists who previously were awarded the BRIC Media Arts Fellowship are not eligible for the Fellowship. 


  • Go to www.bric.slideroom.com
  • Create a log in with username and password
  • Log in to your account to create a profile
  • Continue to the application form, which will request the following information:


  • Artist Name
  • Brooklyn Affiliation - Brooklyn Affiliation is defined as people who live, work, or were born in the borough of Brooklyn. The address used to sign up for SlideRoom will be the verification of the artist’s live/work location.
  • Artist Bio


  • Artist Statement - Describe your artistic practice.
  • Reasons for Applying - Outline the reasons for applying to this fellowship and how you believe the program will impact your work.
  • Plan for the Fellowship - Summarize your plan of work for the fellowship period and what you hope to accomplish.
  • Previous Skills - State your experience if any, in the areas of video and/or new media technology. Please only outline the skills and/or previous experience that will deal directly with the project you have planned.

3.  MEDIA: Upload samples of your work. For each file, please include a description of the project. Provide 1-3 items. Images (up to 5MB each), Video (up to 250MB each), Audio (up to 30MB each) and PDFs (up to 10MB each). You may also link to media from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud