little GIANT Wolf is the transmedia content studio of Howl For Change ( focused on multi-platform projects that combine new and traditional media to create expansive story universes and offer tools to people around the world to partake in telling these stories with the mission to help make global issues personal. We approach stories from overlooked perspectives and utilize cutting-edge technology and innovation to activate critical thinking and meaningful audience participation.

Transmedia =  a grand polymyth told across multiple platforms and formats; both old and new; together with the audience.

Polymyth™ = cyclical journeys or quests undertaken by multiple mythical heroes with unpredictable natures and uncertain fates within one storyworld.

We bring our secret sauce to non-profits to help them engage with their audiences and donors more authentically and more meaningfully.


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Working with Skye and her team is amazing! She is a creative with a clear vision and great to work with. I would work with her on any type of project, from traditional film to emerging storytelling platforms. Little Giant Wolf thinks big and outside the box.
— Stina Hamlin
I’m currently working with Skye on a VR production and previously worked with her at Jump Into VR Fest in New York City. She is without a doubt one of the most talented creatives on the VR scene, with a keen eye for detail and an enduring personal drive. In my work with her, I’ve seen her unending commitment to realizing her creative vision, while incredibly juggling numerous projects simultaneously. I consider myself lucky to be her colleague and hope to be fortunate enough to work with her on future projects.
— Nahiyan Ahmad